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Family Law – New Programs and Resources

Family Law Fundamentals

Date: January 27, 2021

Time:  9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Price:  $345 + GST

Chair: Heather L. McKay QC, Daunais McKay + Harms

Presenters: More information coming soon!

In the first few years of family law practice, lawyers can greatly benefit from both substantive law knowledge and practice management skills to assist them in effectively managing matters. Join experienced practitioners to explore family property, child support, spousal support, family violence, and more.


  • Adult interdependent partners and property and support contracts
  • Court processes and running a litigation practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, including strategies to get your documents signed and filed
  • Domestic violence and your obligations under the amendments to the Divorce Act, EPOs, and navigating the intersection between the criminal justice system and the family law system
  • Primer on principles and calculation of spousal and child support in various scenarios
  • Primer on valuing assets and the steps required to put together property charts, including some helpful tips and best practices from senior practitioners

Coercive Control and Family Violence

Day 1 – February 17, 2021
Day 2 – February 24, 2021

Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (each day)

Price: $345 + GST (Registration includes both days)


John-Paul E. Boyd QC, John-Paul Boyd Arbitration Chambers

Glenda Lux, MA, R.Psych., Lux Short Consulting Psychologists


Wayne Barkauskas QC, Wise Scheible Barkauskas

Attend this 2-part webinar series to dive into the upcoming amendments to the Divorce Act requiring that family violence, including coercive controlling behaviours, be considered when making best-interests determinations regarding children. This interdisciplinary program presents the valuable insights of an experienced psychologist on coercive control and how it may manifest in the day-to-day practices of family law professionals. Walk away with valuable information from senior family law lawyers on the pending amendments to the Divorce Act, the obligation to screen for family violence, and the tools available for that purpose.

Day 1: Understanding Coercive Control in the Context of Family Violence

This session will provide family law professionals with information they need to get a basic understanding of how this concealed, patterned, and harmful behaviour presents in family law disputes and discuss the impact of coercive control on the development of parenting plans. Attendees will explore the perils of subjective impressions, as well as areas where the legal system and the interventions it provides are vulnerable to misuse. Family Law lawyers will walk away with a framework to help identify the specific behaviours they can expect to see in cases of coercive control.

Day 2: Understanding the Legal Framework

This session provides an important refresher on the Protection Against Family Violence Act and a review of the amendments to the Divorce Act addressing family violence. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the tools available to deal with family violence in the context of family law disputes, the duty of litigators, mediators, arbitrators, and parenting coordinators to screen for family violence, the new federal screening questionnaire, and other means of assessing for the presence of family violence.


Missed the Webinars? Purchase the Webinars on Demand so you can watch and learn at your convenience!


(Webinar on Demand) Family Law Update Part 1: Parenting and Children

Original Date: November 20, 2020

Chair: Wendy A. Young, Emery Jamieson LLP


Ryan D. Anderson QC, Huckvale LLP

Melani Carefoot, MSW, RSW, Positive Choices Counselling

Jocelyn E. Innes, Innes Law

Dive into the intersection between child welfare and family law in this half-day webinar. Hear from experienced legal practitioners as well as from a parent coordination and child welfare expert.  This Webinar on Demand will cover a review of recent cases regarding parenting matters and children.


(Webinar on Demand) Family Law Update Part 2: Financial Affairs

Original Date: November 20, 2020

Chair: Wendy A. Young, Emery Jamieson LLP


Chandra L. Flett, Chandra L. Flett Professional Corporation

Bryan P. Maruyama, Parlee McLaws LLP

Rachel Woynorowski, Daunais McKay + Harms

With the current economic situation in Alberta, family lawyers will need to consider financial factors in their clients’ matters. This Webinar on Demand explores current topics such as the intersection of bankruptcy and family law and costs. This Webinar on Demand covers a review of recent cases regarding financial issues in separation and divorce.