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How an Accounting Perspective Prevents Fraud and Disputes in Contracts and Agreements – Webinar in Collaboration with MNP LLP

Webinar Overview

Contracts and agreements are frequently reviewed from a legal perspective alone. However, agreements often include accounting terminology, financial statements, financial reporting requirements, and financial projections; details that are well understood by accountants. As a result, this can leave agreements open to misinterpretation or to be targeted for fraud.

Lisa Majeau Gordon, FCPA, FCA, CA·IFA, CFE, CFF of MNP LLP will join us this coming February to present a webinar entitled, “Preventing Fraud and Disputes in Contracts and Agreements“. Explore 4 key stages during the lifecycle of an agreement. Consider where an accounting perspective can complement a legal review. Errors and omissions can easily contribute to disputes and litigation. Therefore, attendees will review real-life examples to understand what went wrong and how issues could have been avoided. Click here for additional details and to register.

Presenter Profile

Lisa Majeau Gordon | Presenter for LESA's Preventing Fraud and Disputes in Contracts and AgreementsLisa is the National Lead Partner responsible for MNP’s Forensics and Litigation Support Services practice, having specialized exclusively in Investigative and Forensic Accounting since 1996. She currently works in all industry sectors and for both criminal and civil courts. For 10 years, Lisa provided forensic accounting services to the RCMP. During which time, she consulted on organized crime, terrorist financing, and other serious financial crime cases across Canada.

With an involvement in forensic professional education in Canada and the United States, Lisa has also represented Canada on the American Fraud Task Force. Lisa is the principal Forensic Accountant to the Toronto Police Service. Having worked with many police agencies and organizations across North America, Lisa has also testified multiple times as an expert in courts across Canada. Read more…