Is technology serving you, or are you a servant to technology? 


Today, lawyers are constantly distracted by legal technology, connectivity, electronic case information and discovery, and information overload… email, instant messaging, social media, phone calls, interruptions, etc. Lawyers switch tasks on the computer nearly 600 times a day. We are drowning in technology-based interruptions. These methods of communication are essential and, in fact, required by many jurisdictions, but they are also killing productivity if we don’t have the processes and technology in place to manage them.

Time Management for Legal Professionals

Join us this May for an online webinar titled, “How to Better Manage Your Workload and Time: Distraction, Email, Task & Time Management for Legal Professionals” and hear from Paul Unger, national speaker and author of Tame the Digital Chaos. Paul will teach methodologies to achieve focus and take back control of your day and upcoming weeks and months. Consider how you use Microsoft Outlook and other tools to manage email, tasks, deadlines, and statute dates. 

This webinar will also be of interest to legal support staff.

For details and to register, click here.

If multiple lawyers or staff members from your firm would like to register for this program, please contact [email protected] for pricing. To receive discounted group pricing, you must contact us prior to the first registration from your firm.

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