Judgments: From a Piece of Paper to Repayment | With Andrea Steen

LESA’s upcoming webinar Judgment Enforcement: Learning to Swim will explore the practical aspects of entering judgment (consent, default, and summary judgment) with a focus on debt claims. This week, the LESA blog spotlights our presenter, Andrea Steen of Witten LLP.

Beginning in high school and continuing throughout her undergrad, Andrea worked at Witten LLP at the insistence of her father, then partner at the firm. Her interest in pursuing a career in law lay dormant until, after she obtained a degree in theatre, she began working at Witten as an assistant. Through this work she fell in love with the practice. From there, she realized that a career in law was a great choice for her, and never looked back.

Andrea was called to the Alberta bar in 2016, the Northwest Territories bar in 2018, and Nunavut bar in 2021. As a civil litigator with a focus on debt collection and foreclosures, judgment enforcement is the bulk of her current practice. She is eager to share the many takeaways she has picked up along the way with LESA’s attendees, “all with a bit of theatrical flair.”

For Andrea, law is a customer service industry first and foremost. She remains motivated in her practice to do the best job that she can for her clients and enjoys the intricacies of the law itself, especially figuring out creative solutions to tricky legal challenges. In her personal life, she has two children, five and three years old, and she enjoys spending her time off with them and with her partner. Andrea also loves travelling, live music, reading books, going out with friends, and being in nature.

Andrea’s presentation for LESA’s upcoming webinar, Judgment Enforcement: Learning to Swim will provide attendees with the confidence to know all about registering judgments for their clients and assist them in recovering their clients’ funds. In civil litigation especially, a successful party is likely to end up with a judgment for repayment of money. If the other side is not willing to pay, this judgment is just a piece of paper until you know how to enforce it. Therefore, developing a toolbox for how to go about enforcing your judgment becomes really important. This program will provide a comprehensive overview of how to go about enforcing these judgments, and what to watch out for during that process.

Registrants of the upcoming judgment enforcement programs can expect to learn how to perfect a judgment, how to garnish wages or accounts, what exemptions are, how exemptions apply, and how to go about seizing land or assets.

Judgment Enforcement: Learning to Swim broadcasts live on March 10. Building on the foundations of judgment enforcement and going deeper into the practical aspects of enforcement, you may also be interested in our follow-up webinar on March 17, Judgment Enforcement: A Deeper Dive also presented by Andrea.

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