Seminar on Demand – Commercial Real Estate 2020: Leasing

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Original Date: October 23, 2020

Chair: Bianca Kratt, Parlee McLaws LLP

Presenters: Stephanie A. Campbell, Dentons Canada LLP; Brittany Earl, Duncan Craig LLP; Sharon Ohayon, Witten LLP; and Stephanie A. Wanke, Thomson Reuters 

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Analyze the lifecycle of commercial leases, including offers to lease, lease negotiations, tenant financing, default and enforcement, and current trends.


  • Offers to lease versus letters of intent
  • Landlord and tenant lease negotiations, including clauses to consider, restoration clauses, and standard form leases versus customized leases
  • Tenant financing and the interplay with landlord financing
  • Tenant defaults and landlord enforcement rights and remedies, including distress, termination, and the legal procedures to follow
  • Current trends in commercial leasing, including requests for rent relief, surrender, and more
  • Improper and problematic trust conditions in real estate transactions

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