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  • This paper represents an annotation of the Builders’ Lien Act, including relevant case names and citations and helpful suggestions and commentary for anyone implementing the Act. As an added bonus, these short papers are also included: • Trust Elements in the Builders’ Lien Acts of Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C. • Prevenient Arrangements and Master Service Agreements, • Priority and the Builders’ Lien Act, and • The Public Works Act. Also included are these precedents: Certificate of Lis Pendens, Section 15 Notice, Originating Application and draft Order made under s. 48 of the Act. These papers were presented as part of LESA’s Builders’ Liens program, held in March, 2015.
  • Originally prepared in 2012, this paper describes the procedures behind the builders’ lien, beginning with the question of entitlement to a lien and working through these issues: time to register a lien, what lands can be liened, the registration process, mineral liens, preserving a lien, enforcing a lien, the holdback and the lien fund, certificates of substantial performance, lien removal, and common pitfalls.
    This paper was presented as part of LESA’s Builders’ Liens program, held in March, 2015.
  • This paper provides a general overview of the procedures inherent in lien registration against each of a basic commercial project, condo project, pipeline or mineral interest. It then offers a more in-depth analysis of issues related to lien registration against an oil sands project, exploring the technical registration issues that can arise. This paper was presented at LESA’s Construction Law program offered in February 2015.
  • This short paper offers succinct descriptions of the traps that can arise for lawyers dealing with joint property and other issues in each of the areas of family law, real estate and wills and estates.  
    This paper is part of a collection presented at LESA’s Law and Practice Update program in November, 2014.
  • Complementing Dick Haldane’s paper (61915.04), this author focuses on the experience of the “non-municipal side” relating to development charges, or levies, arising out of Municipal Development Plans, Area Redevelopment Plans, Area Structure Plans, Concept Plans and Development Permits. Specifically, the author looks at some of the industry issues from the perspective of the Calgary system and certain of its bylaws. This paper was presented at the Land Development program in February 2014.
  • In this paper, the author takes a look at the issues he considers are of interest and concern to the development industry, including those surrounding land and roadway dedications, subdivision appeals, development agreements (looking at some of the judicial pronouncement concerning them), oversizing, development agreement caveats, and offsite levies. This paper was presented at the Land Development program in February 2014.
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    The development agreements contemplated under the Municipal Government Act are among the most important tools available to assist municipalities in Alberta with carrying out goals, objectives and responsibilities. This paper discusses the basics of development agreements, the nature of the contractual obligations of municipality and developer typically set out in those agreements, and their usual essential terms and conditions. The relevant sections of the Act are cited. This paper was presented at the Land Development program in February 2014.  
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    This paper provides an overview of some of the more common legislative provisions and issues surrounding planning law. It discusses the issue of where to start when looking for requirements, procedures and rights of appeal related to approval and enforcement. This paper was presented at the Land Development program in February 2014.