Summer Sale: Criminal Law On-Demand Programs

On-demand programs include the recording (as well as materials) from past in-person, webinar, and livestream presentations. Available online, 24/7 through the Classroom, LESA’s on-demand programs allow you to stay up to date in your area of practice, from wherever this summer takes you. All you need is an internet connection! From now until August 31, take advantage of our summer sale. Buy two on-demand programs, get one free.

Scroll below for our most recent titles in criminal law. Or, click “On-Demand Programs” under “Classroom” at the top of the page to browse our full collection. For content designed for lawyers within their first five years of practice, add the filter for “Practice Foundations”.


New Criminal Law On-Demand Programs:


Seamless Sentencing: Formulating and Structuring the Perfect Sentencing Submissions

From the defence perspective, this presentation explores the practicalities of sentencing, including what to gather for the sentencing (e.g. exhibits, caselaw, written submissions, restitution, references), how to prepare your client for sentencing, review of facts or creating an Agreed Statement of Facts, and more.

Intersection of Mental Health and Criminal Law

Given the prevalence of people with mental illness in the criminal justice system, it is important for criminal law practitioners to understand the interaction between mental health and criminal law and how to effectively advocate for mental health rights. This presentation explores topics including Criminal Code provisions and key case law governing fitness to stand trial, the impact of mental health in sentencing, and more.

Practice Foundations: Expert Evidence in Criminal Law

A strong foundation in expert evidence is critical to being an effective criminal lawyer. This presentation examines strategies that can assist criminal lawyers when navigating this element essential to many complex criminal trials. Topics include the law on experts, selecting and qualifying your own expert witness, and more.

Constructing Honour: What Lawyers Dealing With Family Violence Need to Know

Honour based violence (HBV) is not defined in Canadian jurisprudence, except to the extent that it is often conflated with domestic violence. Understanding how to navigate matters involving HBV is important for today’s family and criminal law practitioners. This presentation explores topics such as mainstream constructions of HBV (and how they produce both false positives and false negatives), and Western examples of HBV.

Search & Seizure and Digital Spaces (six titles available)

These on-demand programs provide invaluable insights applicable to newly-called members of the bar as well as experienced criminal defence lawyers and Crown prosecutors.

Titles include:

Sale ends August 31, 2024. For individual purchase only. Cannot be combined with group pricing. Discount automatically applies when qualifying items are in your cart.

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