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Christine Sanderman

Executive Director

Direct: 780.969.0558

christine[email protected]

Matt Sommerfeldt

Director of Programming

Direct: 780.969.3559

[email protected]

Ashley Iachetta

Resource Coordinator

Direct: 780.969.3557

[email protected]

Carolyn Bernardin

Event & Customer Experience Coordinator

Direct: 780.969.3551

[email protected]

Craig Edhart

Business Development, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Direct: 780.969.3554

[email protected]

Gina Schulz

Live Event Faculty Administrator

Direct: 780.969.0553

[email protected]

Holly Miller

Finance & Accounting Coordinator

Direct: 780.969.3550

[email protected]

Kathy Fortier

Live Event Delivery Lead

Direct: 780.969.3556

[email protected]

Katie Storms

Resource Analyst

Direct: 780.969.3553

[email protected]

Kelsey Dick

Staff Lawyer, Online Resources & Publications

Direct: 780.969.0551

[email protected]

Muhammad Umer Khan

Online Systems & Web Administrator

[email protected]

Renee Vander Meulen

Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

Direct: 780.420.6001

[email protected]

Rhiannon Nelson

Online Programs Coordinator

Direct: 780.969.3555

[email protected]

Robin Wilms

Graphic Designer

Direct: 780.969.0555

[email protected]

Unsure who to contact? Call Carolyn Bernardin at 780.420.1987, and she will put you in touch with the right person.