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Cybersecurity: Are You at Risk?

LESA is honoured to partner with Elizabeth Aspinall, Practice Advisor for the Law Society of Alberta and Nathan Lee of CompuVision on, “Cybersecurity for Lawyers”. Attend this one-hour webinar on June 15th to identify the risks and benefits associated with the use of technology in your practice.  

We (virtually) sat down with both Elizabeth and Nathan to bring you a little more insight into what you can expect to gain from attending this program. Read on for details!



Q: With many working remotely due to the pandemic, will you be discussing the risks that lawyers should take into consideration when utilizing technology in their practice during the time of COVID-19? 

EA: Yes. Working during the pandemic has been an opportunity for many organizations to update their use of technology. It has also created vulnerabilities in systems which require enhanced security and enhanced understanding of how the security works. 

NL: One of the less-well discussed and understood secondary impacts of the current crisis is the  increased vulnerability of businesses to cyberattack. Many are now  working remotely  for the first time, which brings with it a raft of new cybersecurity issues.  

Q: With the changes to the Law Society of Alberta’s  Code of Conduct  addressing technological competence, how might a lawyer’s practice be affected?  

EA: The changes to the Code require lawyers to be current in their practices. We cannot ignore technology and effectively practice law. This does not mean, however, that every lawyer must purchase the most sophisticated hardware and software. 

Q: Is there value in support staff or articling students attending this program?  

 EA: The Code of Conduct requires that lawyers supervise staff and students, and that all employees of an organization understand the role ethics plays in practice. It is no different when it comes to technology. Staff and students must understand the systems, the potential vulnerabilities, and how to protect confidential client information. 

NL: The greatest protection any law firm can provide to safeguard their client and corporate data is to increase the education and awareness of their staff and lawyers. The greatest threat against any business is not necessarily a lack of software or hardware (although this can happen), the greatest threat is the employee who unknowingly opens the front door to the office and provides the combination to the safe. The benefit of identifying, notifying, and preventing attacks creates a culture of securityminded individuals that each participant will gain from participating in this presentation.  

Q: What are 2-3 key takeaways a registrant can expect from attending this webinar? 

  EA: Attendees will gain an understanding of the impact of the recent amendments to the Code of Conduct which incorporate technology into a lawyer’s ethical requirement to be competent. 

NL: Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the threats and cybercriminal landscape, a greater awareness of how to help secure their workplace, and tools to increase security.  

Register for “Cybersecurity for Lawyers”

Date: June 15, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM–1:00 PM

Price: $95 + GST  $29 + GST

Co-Presenters: Elizabeth Aspinall, Law Society of Alberta and Nathan Lee, CompuVision