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Family law is known for being one of the most emotionally charged areas of law. For this reason, it can pose some challenges that require nuance to navigate. LESA’s on-demand program, Family Law Issues for Paralegals, explores issues that may arise when working as a family law paralegal, and provides strategies to address them. Legal assistant, Gerilynn Maryniak, shares her expertise and experience from her years of working in family law as a presenter for this program (originally presented as an in-person program this past June).

Gerilynn’s passion to pursue a career in family law stemmed from her desire to continue working with, and helping, children and families after beginning her career working in childcare. She attended college in Spruce Grove, Alberta, where she obtained her legal assistant certificate in 2003. She began work shortly after graduation, and after a brief hiatus to raise her daughters, she happily accepted a position as a legal assistant. Currently, she works at Bruyer & Mackay LLP as a legal assistant to Norman W. Picard QC.

At Bruyer & Mackay, she assists families as they navigate the emotional and stressful situations that arise in family matters. Gerilynn highlights that divorce and separation can be particularly stressful for clients. Paralegals are, at times, the first point of contact for the client, and it is important to develop emotional intelligence skills to understand how to offer support without taking the emotional stress upon themselves. For Gerilynn, her legal community has provided her with the support she needs to succeed and manage these clients, and other challenges that family law practice can pose. At her firm, she has found joy working with a team of lawyers that encourage and support her in her practice and overall career.

As part of LESA’s Family Law Issues for Paralegals, Gerilynn provides other paralegals with practical experience and beneficial tips, gleaned from her years of practice working in family law. This on-demand program addresses how paralegals can best support lawyers, and ultimately their clients, and covers topics related to family property, disclosure and client management, and the practical realities of running a family file. Presentations from this program are available for individual purchase for $95 per presentation (plus tax).

Titles from LESA’s Family Law Issues for Paralegals include:

The Alberta Family Property Act for Paralegals (On-Demand)

Tips and Traps in Family Law for Paralegals (On-Demand)

Disclosure Tips and Tricks for Paralegals: Providing Legal Support During the Disclosure Process (On-Demand)

Opening And Closing Family Law Files For Paralegals (On-Demand)

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