Meet the Presenter: Jonathan N. Garbutt | Corporate Tax Structuring 101

As a second-career lawyer with a background in investment advisory and economic forecasting, Jonathan practices in the area of Canadian income tax law with Dominion Tax Law. Jonathan graduated from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law in 2005. His current practice includes matters of general tax planning, global corporate tax minimization, tax advice for M&A, Canadian trusts and estates law, and more. Once he started practicing tax, he soon realized that this is “really want I am built to do”.

LESA’s upcoming webinar, “Corporate Tax Structuring 101” is presented by Jonathan N. Garbutt and Pamela C. MacDonell, also of Dominion Tax Law. This program will use examples and discuss the 2017 amendments to Tax on Split Income (TOSI) rules and implications for clients and their legal advisers. It will also address ways that entrepreneurs can distribute profits and remain compliant with the Income Tax Act. If you’re looking to help your business clients navigate the TOSI rules (which can be quite complicated), this webinar is for you!

We are pleased to offer significantly reduced pricing for students looking to attend this webinar, with registration only $25 for law students and students-at-law. When asked what advice he might pass on to new lawyers looking to excel in their career, Jonathan notes,

From day one, focus on business development. Find a niche, do things to build relationships, write articles, get yourself quoted, build a profile, talk to people, volunteer in places where you meet people who might have legal work, learn how to do digital marketing, work LinkedIn, and network like crazy.”

Program Details

Date: May 15, 2024

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Price: $25-$95

Click here for full program details and to register.

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