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The LESA Library is a convenient online resource providing you substantive legal information and practice management tips. Current subscribers can access the LESA Library here.


Do you have questions about the LESA Library? Need help navigating through its contents? Trying to figure out how to contribute your own content or edit existing content? Watch these short tutorial videos to find the answers you’re looking for.

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The Library’s contents include substantive legal information, practice management tips, and valuable resources, such as fillable forms and editable precedents. Some of this information can be found in the hundreds of seminar papers that you can download as PDFs. Currently papers are available from 2010 to present. The Library includes the contents of LESA’s practice manuals and fundamentals series in searchable encyclopedia-style articles.

  • Alberta Civil Practice Manual
  • Alberta Family Law Practice Manual
  • Alberta Real Estate Practice Manual
  • Alberta Wills and Estates Practice Manual
  • Business Law Fundamentals
  • Criminal Law Fundamentals
  • Wills Fundamentals


You can access the Library anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and your computer or mobile device. With the Library, the latest information is at your fingertips the moment it’s updated.


LESA has volunteer subject matter experts who regularly review and update the practice manual content. As new seminar papers are presented at our live programs, materials that are available for subsequent purchase and distribution are uploaded to the Library.

You can even set customizable notifications to inform you when changes are made to topics of interest that you identify to ensure that you are always up-to-date.

Since the Library is a dynamic, collaborative online resource, registered users are also encouraged to help keep the Library’s information current. If you see something that needs to be edited, you can update the information yourself. You can also share precedents, suggestions, comments, and ideas with your colleagues using the Library’s discussion pages.


Annual subscriptions to the LESA Library start at just $795 + GST. This low price means that the thousands of pages of content in the Library cost about the same as a 2-day live program, 2 practice manuals, or the complete Alberta Fundamentals set, making the LESA Library a cost effective resource.

Annual subscriptions can be purchased individually or for a firm. Firm subscriptions rates are based on the number of registered users, where every lawyer who has been called to the bar in Alberta is registered as a distinct user in the LESA Library.

You can register for your subscription or renew online:

If your firm will have more than 51 users, please inquire at info@lesa.org, 780.420.1987, or 1.800.282.3900 (toll free in Alberta).


This year, the LESA Library was awarded the Association for Continuing Legal Education’s (ACLEA) top award for Best Publication. Our dedicated team also received the 2016 Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Award for the LESA Library.

LESA’s commitment to setting standards of excellence in the education of Alberta’s legal community is upheld by our devoted and enthusiastic employees and volunteers. Our ongoing collaboration, innovation, professionalism, and responsibility ensures that the programs and resources LESA provides are not only high quality but also practical and useful for the spectrum of Alberta’s legal community.



Learn more about how the LESA Library has become ACLEA’s Best Publication and find out what the LESA Library has to offer.