Real Estate CPD This Fall

If you are a real estate lawyer in Alberta, you won’t want to miss this post as we have some quality continuing legal education content coming your way. With a combination of program formats, including in-person programs, webinars, and livestreams, we are committed to providing you with opportunities for real estate CPD this fall.

Foreclosures – Beyond the Basics

Join program chair Denise Hendrix, Hendrix Law for Foreclosures – Beyond the Basics. Join us in-person in either Edmonton or Calgary or sign up for the livestream version.

This program will explore some of the unusual circumstances that can arise in foreclosure proceedings, and how best to deal with them. Our faculty includes senior foreclosure practitioners from across Alberta who will discuss recent case law, residential tenants, notices of security interests, condominium caveats, community safety orders, and tips and trade secrets for in foreclosure and post-foreclosure sales. Hear from retired Master Judith Hanebury QC regarding the Debtor Support programs in Alberta.


Judith Hanebury QC, Retired Master
Kyle Kawanami, Emery Jamieson LLP
Coralie Mohr, Witten LLP
Jim Reich, Reich Law
Steven Shafir, Witten LLP
Francis Taman, Bishop & McKenzie LLP

Condominium Law Update

Hugh Willis, Willis Law is chairing our October program, Condominium Law Update in Edmonton, Calgary, and via livestream. This full-day program will bring you up to speed on recent amendments to the Condominium Property Act and their impact on your day-to-day practice.

Topics will include:

  • Recent developments in condominium caselaw, including condominium cases revolving around short terms rentals, costs, contributions, builders’ liens, and more.
  • Issues relating to the duties of a condominium corporation to keep its common property in a state of good and serviceable repair, including the board’s obligations, how this affects unit owners, and the corporation’s statutory obligations.
  • What to watch for in Bylaws when acting for buyers, including who is responsible for insurance, does my buyer have a parking spot, can my buyer grow cannabis, and can my buyer bring pets onto the property.
  • Advising clients in respect of requirements for developer turnover; how to balance the statutory requirements with practical considerations.
  • Condominium issues encountered during real estate conveyancing.
  • Alternative dispute resolution for condominiums; consider what are other provinces doing on this issue and the potential application in Alberta.


Victoria Archer, Gledhill Larocque Barristers & Solicitors
John Frame, Witten LLP
Dionne Levesque, Scott Venturo Rudakoff LLP

Advanced Legal Writing

Communication is integral to the practice of law. Having the skill set and knowledge base to produce well-written legal documents, such as contracts or litigation documents, greatly benefits your practice. Join presenter Douglas H. Peterson, HGA Law to gain an expanded skill set, an ability to assess what makes for a good or bad piece of legal writing, and an awareness of common crucial errors and how to avoid them. Each session will include an interactive component; attendees will be asked to take part in writing exercises to apply and practice the concepts delivered in each session.

This two-part series includes two options for registration; join us in-person at LESA’s Programs Space in Edmonton or sign up for the livestream. Plus, save $105 when you register for both Part 1 and Part 2 (discount will automatically apply when qualifying items are in your cart).

Part 1 Topics:

• An overview of legal writing as related to contracts, litigation documents, and bylaws
• Common crucial errors and how to avoid them
• Standard clauses, such as representations vs. warranties, consideration clauses, indemnify vs. hold harmless, and reasonable efforts

Part 2 Topics:

• An overview of categories of language in contracts such as obligation, discretion, prohibition, and policy
• Use and misuse of words such as “shall”
• A discussion of what makes for a bad piece of legal writing and how to fix it


Did you know that our Alberta Real Estate Practice Manual is available electronically on the all-new LESA Library? Did you also know that you can subscribe by your chosen area of law? Check out this page for details on subscription options and pricing.

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