Spotlight On: Legal Research for Legal Support Staff

Are you looking for a free resource that delves into the foundations of legal research? Legal research is a skill that some people may not associate with the responsibilities for legal support staff. This paper serves to help establish a baseline and provides useful information to bring legal support skills to the next level.

The paper provides helpful explanations on the following topics:

  • The basics of the law, including constitutional statutes, federal statutes, provincial statutes and subordinate legislation
  • How Driedger’s Modern Principle and Stare Decisis impacts legal interpretation
  • How to utilize primary legal sources and secondary legal sources in legal research
  • How to note up legislation and case law
  • How to utilize the IRAC method of analysis for legal memos

Many thanks to Brittany Koenig for preparing these materials. This paper is available on the LESA Library as part of LESA’s Complimentary Practice Management collection. Enjoy the fully redesigned LESA Library interface featuring intuitive navigation and enhanced searchability – all while accessing LESA’s full collection of complimentary practice management resources for free. Click here to subscribe.

Note: Access to the Practice Management collection is included with all paid subscriptions to the LESA Library.

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