The Practice of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law With Kyle Kashuba

The practice of bankruptcy and insolvency law is known for its challenging and complex nature. LESA’s upcoming Bankruptcy and Insolvency Essentials program aims to demystify the nuances in this area of law and provide lawyers with insider know-how including: how to recognize early warning signs of distress, navigate the formal insolvency process, rehabilitate a distressed corporation, restructuring options under the BIA, CCAA, and CBCA, consumer insolvencies, the role of a financial advisor in distressed situations, and more.

This program is chaired by Kyle Kashuba, partner at Torys LLP (“Torys”). This week, the LESA blog would like to showcase Kyle’s experience, expertise, and passion for his insolvency and restructuring practice.

Kyle grew up in Drumheller, Alberta and has consistently been driven by the desire to be the best that he could in his various roles. Since early childhood, he had an interest in pursuing a career in law and knew that he wanted to become a lawyer. While in law school, though initially leaning towards a practice in criminal law, his interest in the insolvency and restructuring field developed after taking courses in bankruptcy and insolvency law, Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA), and secured transactions.

During Kyle’s early years at Macleod Dixon, he noticed that the insolvency lawyers in the litigation group were consistently in court. He knew then that a practice in insolvency was where he wanted to be. Kyle began to shift his focus towards an insolvency and restructuring practice in part so he could appear before the court on a regular basis and also to have the opportunity to be ceaselessly creative and think outside of the box. He had the privilege of beginning his career at a firm that offered small and large files in insolvency and restructuring. This allowed him to learn the ins and outs of insolvency law, lead files on his own, and work with senior restructuring professionals. He is grateful for the practice he was able to build at his former firm, and for his current restructuring practice at Torys.

On a personal note, Kyle is passionate about movies and travel. Growing up in a small town motivated him to see the world, and he has had the opportunity to snowboard in several countries on three different continents.

In his practice, Kyle feels motivated to remain a trusted advisor and zealous advocate for his clients. His practice is premised on the belief that:

 “A good lawyer answers the client’s questions, sets a strategy, and is adept on their feet in Court. A great lawyer foresees changes coming in the industry and in the restructuring practice and has the respect of the Bench, the bar, and the best professionals with whom he or she practices.”

In Kyle’s esteemed opinion, Canada’s current economic climate and changing regulatory schemes have created diverse and interesting insolvency work, but it has also created a speculative market. Additionally, with new law and interesting developments in cryptocurrency, cannabis, pharmaceutical, and mining spaces, there will be plenty of occasion for good and interesting work for those practitioners who are ahead of the curve, a place where Kyle strives to be. 

If you are interested in building a successful practice in this area, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Essentials program provides a toolbox of content, information, strategies, and best practices to help lawyers navigate the upcoming nuances within insolvency issues.

LESA’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Essentials program will be hosted in Edmonton as well as offered online via livestream on March 15, 2023. For additional program details, including a list of the program’s extensive faculty, visit our registration pages by clicking the links above.

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