In addition to resources specific to given practice areas, we offer a range of inter-disciplinary and specialized programs.

For additional resources, check out our publications, or contact us to purchase materials.

Online Self-Study Modules

Winning Without Selling Your Soul
Code of Conduct Online Course
Trust Accounting Fundamentals Online Course
Trust Accounting for Responsible Lawyers Online Course
Lawyers' Assist Online Course
PCLaw Seminar on Demand Package

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Seminar on Demands

Top 10+ (Things Every Lawyer Should Know) (Seminar on Demand)
PCLaw Basics (Seminar on Demand)
iPad for Lawyers (Seminar on Demand)
Being an Excellent Principal (Seminar on Demand)
PCLaw Seminar on Demand Package
Written Advocacy - Preparing Persuasive Documents (Seminar on Demand)
Court of Appeal Practice (Seminar on Demand)
PCLaw Beyond the Basics (Seminar on Demand)

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Practice Manuals / Publications

Alberta Law Fundamentals
Alberta Law Fundamentals (Electronic Only)

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Program Materials

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Guide Through The Foreclosure Process
Money in Court: Money You Never Knew You Had and How to Get It
A Delicate Balance: Strategies for Dealing with Self-Represented Litigants
Condominium Corporations and Homeowners Associations: Priorities, Procedures and Pitfalls
Other Foreclosure Related Issues and Steps
Foreclosure Remedies: You’ve Received a Motion Package – Now What?
Foreclosure Fundamentals Program Materials
Top 10+ (Things Every Lawyer Should Know) (Seminar on Demand)
Confidentiality and Privilege
Freedom of Association

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