Bill C-27: Artificial Intelligence in Canada

In the last few months, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) has been heavily featured in mainstream discourse. OpenAI’s recent release of ChatGPT, in particular, has sparked discussion on its use by students, businesses, and law firms. In July 2022, the Canadian government responded to the rise in AI technology and introduced the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (“AIDA”) under Bill C-27.

AIDA was created to ensure that Canadians can trust the digital technologies that they use in their every day. It proposes a framework for a new regulatory system designed to guide AI innovation in a positive direction and encourage the responsible adoption of AI technologies by Canadian businesses and individuals alike. AIDA proposes to build on Canadian consumer protection and human rights law to ensure that AI systems meet the human rights and safety expectations that Canadians are accustomed to.[1]

AIDA is currently in its second reading in the House of Commons. If passed, it will have a significant impact on several areas of law and will be relevant legislation for Canadian practitioners to familiarize themselves with. To read the complete text of Bill C-27, visit the Parliament of Canada’s website here. LESA will continue to monitor updates to AIDA and other artificial intelligence legal updates on the LESA blog here.

You may be interested in LESA’s on-demand program, “Artificial Intelligence” which reviews the rapidly developing area of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning from a lawyer’s perspective. As part of our Alberta Legal Technology Conference in May of 2021, this presentation focuses on the practical issues of diligence, risk, mitigation, and contract considerations. Materials include a checklist of key questions to frame the management of legal issues in Alberta.

[1] “The Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA) – Companion Document” online: Government of Canada (23 March 2023) [].

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