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Business Law Resource Development Survey

We are pleased to announce the development of a brand-new Business Law Resource and would love to get your feedback on its contents.

As a token of appreciation, we’re offering all who complete the short 3-question survey a $50 discount to apply to any LESA product or program you’d like.

To complete the survey, click here.

NOTE: Survey closes August 23, 2019. Discount code expires December 31, 2019 and cannot be combined with any other offer.

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Call for Volunteer Witnesses: 37th Annual Intensive Advocacy

Are you interested in gaining valuable trial experience as a witness? We are looking for volunteers to act as witnesses in our upcoming 37th Annual Intensive Advocacy program in Calgary, Alberta on Saturday, June 15, 2019.

About the Program

37th Annual Intensive Advocacy LESA designed the Intensive Advocacy program to hone critical advocacy skills. This week-long interactive program culminates in a moot criminal trial, civil trial, or administrative hearing on Saturday, June 15 from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM at the Calgary Courts Centre.

Program participants will conduct moot trials or hearings before Alberta justices, judges, and administrative tribunal members, who will then provide participants with feedback.

The Role

Volunteer witnesses play the role of a character in one of the criminal, civil, or administrative fact patterns. Witnesses also give evidence on the witness stand under direct examination and cross-examination. Participant lawyers will brief all volunteers on their role prior to Saturday, June 15, then act as a witness during the actual moot trials and hearings. This program offers an excellent opportunity for law students, articling students, and lawyers to observe the trial or hearing process and gain valuable insight into the experience and perspective of a witness.


If you are interested in volunteering as a witness for the Intensive Advocacy moot trials and hearings, or for more information, please contact

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Surrogate Town Hall Meetings


Surrogate Town Hall Meetings

Meet with Chief Justice Mary Moreau and Justice John Little (Edmonton) and Chief Justice Mary Moreau and Justice Craig M. Jones (Calgary), to have an open discussion regarding practices and procedures in Surrogate matters.

Members of the Bar are invited to submit questions and comments relating to Surrogate practice matters, including the process of applying for grants, to Calgary Co-Chairs (Justice John Little in Edmonton, Justice Craig M. Jones in Calgary) and Edmonton Co-Chairs (Justice Craig M. Jones in Calgary, Justice John Little in Edmonton) at


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6 Ways to Simplify & Streamline Your Family Law Practice

Alberta Legal Technology Conference.

Join us on May 23 & 24 for the Alberta Legal Technology Conference, and discover 6 ways you can use technology to simplify and streamline your practice.

  1. Spouses are saying a lot of things to one another through their smartphones. Discover how to efficiently and authoritatively retrieve, organize, and reproduce the data from smartphones including text messages, pictures, location data, and more!


  1. As you know, there are many files with a large volume of documents. Learn about the newest technologies combining traditional document management with AI (artificial intelligence) to make preparation for Questioning and Trial more effective and efficient.


  1. Learn about the latest in law office software and apps so you can maximize your billable hours and reduce the stress of daily practice.


  1. Reduce costs and increase your profits! Explore outsourcing opportunities for routine law firm functions or tasks.


  1. Hear from real practicing lawyers who are early adopters of technology on current trends and discover what’s coming next.


  1. Get a concentrated briefing on the current state of legal research tools to make your work on divorce, custody, and property distribution more efficient.



Get more details and register online to reserve your spot!