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6 Ways to Simplify & Streamline Your Family Law Practice

Alberta Legal Technology Conference.

Join us on May 23 & 24 for the Alberta Legal Technology Conference, and discover 6 ways you can use technology to simplify and streamline your practice.

  1. Spouses are saying a lot of things to one another through their smartphones. Discover how to efficiently and authoritatively retrieve, organize, and reproduce the data from smartphones including text messages, pictures, location data, and more!


  1. As you know, there are many files with a large volume of documents. Learn about the newest technologies combining traditional document management with AI (artificial intelligence) to make preparation for Questioning and Trial more effective and efficient.


  1. Learn about the latest in law office software and apps so you can maximize your billable hours and reduce the stress of daily practice.


  1. Reduce costs and increase your profits! Explore outsourcing opportunities for routine law firm functions or tasks.


  1. Hear from real practicing lawyers who are early adopters of technology on current trends and discover what’s coming next.


  1. Get a concentrated briefing on the current state of legal research tools to make your work on divorce, custody, and property distribution more efficient.



Get more details and register online to reserve your spot!

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Advising Small & Family Businesses

Small and family business owners have unique challenges. As trusted advisers, lawyers are well-positioned to help address these challenges. Join us for Advising Small & Family Businesses on February 6 (Edmonton) or February 13 (Calgary), and investigate issues that small and family businesses face so you can more competently provide advice.


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Program Feature—Effective Legal Support: Matrimonial Property

Effective Legal Support: Matrimonial Property

Join us in for Effective Legal Support: Matrimonial Property in Edmonton (March 5) or Calgary (March 12), and discover valuable tips so you can provide more confident legal support in property division matters.


Join program chair Rachel Woynorowski and faculty for an informative afternoon on legal support in property division matters.

Discuss key topics including:

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Property
    Examine what is “property”, including real estate, bank accounts, businesses, and more. Delve into less common and commonly forgotten or overlooked types of property. Explore the role of legal support staff in property division matters.
  • Does It Make a Difference if They’re Married?
    Review property division and the differences between separating common-law and legally married couples. Discuss additional documentary evidence and the information needed to establish a joint family venture and to prove unjust enrichment claims, exemptions, and tracing.
  • Evidence and Disclosure
    Advance your understanding of financial disclosure and analysis. Explore evidence issues to help you complete undertakings and compile affidavits of records.
  • How to Get Stuff Done: A Review of Practical and Procedural Matters
    Develop strategies to find information when your client cannot locate the answer. Investigate alternative evidence sources, including obtaining client authorizations, expert valuations, and expert opinions. Once a file is concluded, examine how to assist clients with protecting their property and realizing on judgments.
  • Matrimonial Property Top 10 Tips
    Discuss tried, tested, and true tips, hints, and practical suggestions about property division matters from experienced family law legal support staff.


Register online to reserve your spot in Effective Legal Support: Matrimonial Property.

View the brochure for program details.

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January Upcoming Legal Events

January Upcoming Legal Events

Happy New Year!

Discover what’s happening in the legal community this month.


Intellectual Property Law for Non-IP Lawyers | EARLY BIRD EXTENSION January 8
EDMONTON (February 5) | CALGARY (February 12)

Intellectual property rights can be found in nearly every transaction and are often the most valuable asset of any business. If your client has a business name, provides a product or service to others, uses a website or software, gets referenced on social media, creates or improves on technology, or has confidential business information such as customer lists and data, they have IP rights to consider. Join experienced IP practitioners and develop strategies to protect your clients.

Junior Lawyer Series (Session #4) | SOLD OUT!
EDMONTON (January 17)

Hear the Bench’s perspective on recent jurisprudential developments in the Alberta Courts regarding the law of summary judgment and summary dismissal. Brief Q & A session to follow.

Civil Enforcement Fundamentals
EDMONTON (January 22) | CALGARY (January 29)

Learn how the Civil Enforcement Act works with other legislation for the enforcement of distraint for rents, personal property seizures under security agreements, Notices to enforce security, and possession under Court Orders. Learn how distributions are determined and where priorities are given so you can provide proper advice to your clients about the costs/benefits of Civil Enforcement. Explore post-judgment enforcement and how to maximize your client’s return.

Wills and EPAs—Commonly Occurring Issues
EDMONTON (January 23) | CALGARY (January 30)

Wills and enduring powers of attorney are essential to an effective estate plan. Analyze common issues that arise in the drafting of these documents. Discover how to avoid these issues before they arise or deal with them if they do.