Collaborative Law Programs

Join us this fall for our collaborative law programs. These three courses are recognized by collaborative law associations in Alberta and are necessary to becoming a collaborative professional. Limited enrollment, click the links below for details and to register today to save your seat!

Basic Collaborative Law (Edmonton)

Limited Enrollment | September 15–17, 2021

Learn methods for dispute resolution that encourage mutual respect, allow for open communication, utilize a problem-solving approach, as well as identify and address the interests and concerns of all parties, including children.

Topics include:

• Overview of the collaborative method
• Making the paradigm shift
• Understanding and explaining the participation agreement
• Helping clients commit to the process
• Working with clients to establish goals and identify interests
• Strategies for effective 4-way meetings
• Introduction to collaborating in an interdisciplinary model


Mediation of Family & Divorce Conflicts (Calgary)

Limited Enrollment | November 15–19, 2021

Mediation is increasingly important in the practice of family law. Receive 40 hours of intensive, hands-on skills training in this in-depth, 5-day program.

Topics include:

• 5-stage mediation model
• Techniques of developing relationships in mediation
• Positional negotiation vs. interest based negotiation
• 5 basic negotiating principles
• Screening
• Intake interviews
• Mediation/arbitration agreements
• Calculating child support
• Spousal support – advisory guidelines


Interest Based Negotiations (Edmonton)

Limited Enrollment | November 25–28, 2021

Learn about principled negotiation and how it differs from adversarial negotiation in this 4-day course. Family law issues are the context for learning and application, but this course is open to lawyers from all practice areas and disciplines.

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