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New Webinar on Demand Titles

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Re-thinking Advance Medical Care Planning: The Evolving Collaboration Between Doctors and Lawyers

Original Date: September 24, 2020

Price: $95 + GST

Presenter: Dr. Daren K. Heyland, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Professor of Medicine, Queen’s University and critical care doctor, Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Discuss the role lawyers play regarding medical decisions that patients and their agents must make when facing serious illness, such as COVID-19. Assess the challenges of ill-prepared patients and their agents, and the opportunity for doctors and lawyers to work together to the betterment of their patients/clients. Explore the deficiencies in current medical decision-making related to serious illness, and how a free, online, decision support tool called Plan Well Guide can facilitate collaboration between the medical and legal professions.


IP Issues for Non-IP Lawyers: Understanding Your Client’s Intellectual Property and What to Do About It

Original Date: September 16, 2020

Price: $95 + GST

Presenter: Christine E. Hicks, Hicks Intellectual Property Law


Whether your client is a large energy company actively involved in research and development, a start-up microbrewery, or a small business selling t-shirts online, your client owns intellectual property. Businesses can create value by adopting an IP strategy that includes identifying their IP assets, determining whether to register rights in their IP, creating a plan to commercialize their IP, and monitoring and enforcing their IP rights. It is also important that businesses conduct the necessary inquiries and searches to evaluate the risk of infringing third party IP rights.

This Webinar on Demand will provide practical information so that you can understand the types of IP owned by your clients and the steps that can be taken to develop and implement an IP strategy. This Webinar on Demand will also touch on the nature of the IP profession and some of the tools used by IP practitioners to assist their clients.