Practice Foundations: Tips for Effective Practice Management (Webinar) with Sanjiv Parmar

On Tuesday February 13, 2024 Sanjiv Parmar (founder of Parmar Law), is presenting LESA’s Practice Foundations: Tips for Effective Practice Management. This webinar is geared towards lawyers who are new to the practice of law and for those who are considering starting their own practice. It examines best practices, procedures, and tips for file management, time management, communication, and billing.

Sanjiv aspired to become a lawyer at an early age. He gravitated towards the profession from his faith, and values instilled in him from his parents, because it provided the opportunity for community service, helping others, and seeking the truth. He enjoyed public speaking and was interested in becoming a litigator. Sanjiv’s passion for helping others and resolving disputes has led him to a growing practice in mediation, and to his role as a Bencher with the Law Society of Alberta.

When asked what inspired him to start his own law practice, Sanjiv notes:

“I have a business background and I have always been inspired to run my own firm. I enjoy being able to grow my practice and firm, and the community work and other opportunities that my firm has provided me. Through Parmar Law, I have worked on interesting and complex files and have been given the opportunity to meet some wonderful people; to mentor many young lawyers, and to work with some amazing legal and community organizations. I have been able to create and run community clinics and initiatives. It also gave me the background and experience to bring different insights and perspectives as a Bencher with the Law Society of Alberta – a position that I have enjoyed tremendously.”

As a LESA volunteer, Sanjiv enjoys the opportunity to be involved in different webinars and presentations. He notes his gratitude for the opportunity to give back to the profession while also mentoring and assisting other lawyers. He has taken LESA courses in the past and believes that they are a valuable resource for lawyers.

For those considering starting their own practice, Sanjiv advises that there isn’t one set path:

“I think timing is important. My recommendation for anyone considering going out on their own is to first hone your skills and gain experience. Focus on being a lawyer and learning the law. Grow your network. Once you have those in place, it makes it easier to start and run a firm.”

We thank Sanjiv for sharing his story with us. We’re also looking forward to hearing more from him on February 13 at noon and invite you to join us. To register for “Practice Foundations: Tips for Effective Practice Management”, click here.


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