Alberta Rules of Court Amendments

On January 1, 2024, the Alberta Rules of Court Amendment Regulation (the “Regulation”) came into effect, amending the Alberta Rules of Court (the “Rules”). The Regulation implemented several changes to the Rules, most notably to replace the summary trial process with the streamlined trial procedure. The Regulation introduces the following provisions:


Part 7: Rule 7.5 to 8.8 Amended to repeal summary trials, and the entirety of Division 3
Rule 8.1 Amended to add a new streamlined trial procedure under Division 5
Rules 8.25 to 8.31 Addresses the streamlined procedure in greater detail
Rule 12.49 Evidence in summary trial rule has been repealed and replaced with a provision stating that family law matters can be tried by streamlined trial
Rule 14.5(1) Amended to clarify that permission to appeal is required if the appeal related to a decision of

o   a trial or chambers judge awarding costs to parties, and

o     an assessment officer or a review office of the Court of King’s Bench

Rule 14. 36(3) Amended to add a one-month timeline to apply for a review from a direction of a case management office of the Court of Appeal
Form 36 Application for a summary trial has been repealed and replaced with a new Application for Streamlined Trial Form


For as a more in-depth review of these amendments, read the Alberta Courts summary here. For a more detailed explanation of the simplified trial process, read the LESA blog post summarizing the Alberta Courts notice here.

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