LESA Opportunities

There are a variety of opportunities awaiting you: chair, presenter, facilitator, evaluator, author, actor, script-writer, blogger, LESA Library contributor, advisor, ambassador, staff member, and more. We offer an array of options to suit your particular strengths, interests, and availability.

LESA Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering lets you connect with other professionals in your field, increase your recognition, and hone your skills, all while giving back to your profession. We would love to see your name on our LESA Volunteer Wall of Appreciation. Contact Carolyn Bernardin, and she will help find the right volunteer opportunity for you.

CPLED Opportunities

CPLED Alberta seeks qualified lawyers who are members of the Law Society of Alberta to act as paid Learning Group Facilitators (LGFs) for each of the online modules. If you would like to get involved, complete the applicable application form(s).

We welcome your inquiries! For more information, please email Ashley Iachetta, or call her at 780.969.3555.

LESA Employment Opportunities

To offer high-quality programs and resources, we strive to lead the way in corporate culture by valuing our greatest asset – our employees. Discover what current employment opportunities are available to you.

  • Executive Director

For more information about LESA employment opportunities, contact us.

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