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Corporate/commercial transactions, securities, corporate finance, financial services, mergers and acquisitions, employment, insolvency, tax…the world of Business Law is full of complex and varied legal issues. We want to help.

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Mediation of Family & Divorce Conflicts (Calgary)
Indigenous Law Essentials (Edmonton)
Alberta Legal Technology Conference (Edmonton)
Effective Legal Support: Corporate Law (Calgary)
Effective Legal Support: Corporate Law (Edmonton)
Junior Lawyer Series (Edmonton)
Advising Small & Family Businesses (Calgary)
Intellectual Property Law for Non-IP Lawyers (Calgary)
Junior Lawyer Series (Edmonton)
Advising Small & Family Businesses (Edmonton)

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Seminars on Demand

Legalization of Marijuana (Seminar on Demand)
Business Disputes (Seminar on Demand)
Labour and Employment Law Update (Seminar on Demand)
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Fundamentals (Seminar on Demand)
Personal Property Security and Debt Recovery Essentials (Seminar on Demand)
Contract Review and Clause Negotiation (Seminar on Demand)
Corporate Procedure Fundamentals (Seminar on Demand)
Buying and Selling a Business (Seminar on Demand)
Capacity and Influence (Seminar on Demand)
Securities Law (Seminar on Demand)

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Practice Manuals / Publications

Alberta Foreclosure Forms (Hardcopy & Electronic Format)
Business Law Fundamentals (Electronic Format)
Business Law Fundamentals (Hardcopy & Electronic Format)
Alberta Labour Relations Board Reports
Alberta Labour Relations Code Practitioner’s Manual
Alberta Foreclosure Forms (Electronic Format)

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Program Materials

Legalization of Cannabis - Implications for Employers
Making Your Practice Employment Standard Compliant
Legalization of Marijuana (Seminar on Demand)
Access to Justice for Corporate Litigants: Embracing Change - Procedural and Technological Innovation in the Court and in Arbitral Institutions
Changes in Financing Practice, With a Focus on Real Estate Lending
Protecting Directors Checklists
Bhasin v Hrynew – A Modest Incremental Step
Who Am I To Judge?
Breaking the Log-jam: Revisiting the Role of Lawyers in Resolving Business Disputes
Tax Issues in Business Disputes: Helping Your Client Achieve a Better After-Tax Result

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Multimedia Downloads

50th Annual Refresher - Audio Recordings and Program Materials
Gain the Edge
50th Annual Refresher: Transactions Sessions – Audio Recordings and Program Materials

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Complimentary Resources

Current Trends in Corporate Practice and Procedures
Corporate Drafting: Share Structure Supplement to Presentation Materials
Bibliography - Intellectual Property Law Updated (2011)
Resources Revealed
Ethics and the Business of Law

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