Volunteer Resource Centre

Every year, LESA fills upwards of 650 volunteer positions.

As a LESA volunteer, you will gain recognition within the profession, collaborate with respected colleagues and industry experts, and keep current in your field of practice while cultivating new skills. You won’t be just giving back to your profession – you’ll be shaping it. Get involved! There are a variety of volunteer opportunities awaiting you, including chair, presenter, facilitator, evaluator, author, actor, script writer, blogger, LESA Library contributor, advisor, ambassador, and more.

Interested? Contact Carolyn Bernardin to find the right opportunity for you.

Already a volunteer? Scroll down for contact information and additional resources related to your volunteering area.


Get involved with LESA programs

Program faculty. Serve as faculty for a LESA live event. If you would like to volunteer as program faculty, contact Carolyn Bernardin or Matt Sommerfeldt.

Program plans. Submit a program plan for a future event. If you have a great idea for a program, please email Matt Sommerfeldt the following:

  • your name, firm/organization name, and year of call (if applicable)
  • your contact information
  • the area of law of the proposed topic
  • a brief summary of the proposed curriculum
  • proposed learning outcomes (what attendees will do differently after attending this program)

Information for current program volunteers

Program contacts. Your LESA contact for your program is the education assistant who sent your welcome email. Our Education Assistants for live events are Clarice Carter and Gina Schulz. Not sure who to contact? Carolyn Bernardin will get you in touch with the right LESA staff member.

Faculty information submission. Submit the documents you received in your welcome package here. Need another copy of a form? Click on the title of the form you need to download.

Presentation resources and formatting guidelines. We have compiled supplementary resources – including quick-reference sheets, sample papers and PowerPoint, and a video guide – to assist with the preparation of your paper and presentation.

Volunteer Resources Information Package

“So You’re Going to Present…” video segments and Companion Guide

  • Before You Get Started (a segment that outlines what is expected of legal education presenters)
  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (a segment that outlines how to make decisions about your presentation, its focus, and meeting your audience’s needs)
  • Putting ideas Together (a segment that outlines steps for planning and writing your presentation and paper)
  • Practice, Practice, Practice (a segment that outlines how to develop a powerful and confident delivery)
  • Seeing is Believing (a segment that outlines how to use visual aids effectively)
  • On Stage (a segment that outlines how to maximize your presentation’s success and minimize presentation hiccups)

Materials submission. Submit your completed paper, PowerPoint, and other program materials here.


Get involved with CPLED

Below are brief descriptions of the two common CPLED volunteer positions. If you’d like more information, check out our blog post.

Learning Group Facilitator. Help articling students develop entry-level lawyer competencies in one of the 7 online and 3 face-to-face modules that comprise the CPLED program.

Learning Group Evaluator. Assess student submissions in one of the 7 online modules or evaluate competency demonstration in one of the 3 the face-to-face modules that comprise the CPLED program.

Training is provided for both positions. Applicants must have a minimum of 4 years at the bar. Use these forms to apply for either position:

Online Module Application Form
Face-to-Face Module Application Form

Information for current CPLED volunteers

CPLED contacts. If you are volunteering for an online module, your LESA contact is Ashley Iachetta. If you are volunteering for a face-to-face module, please contact Kathy Fortier. Not sure who to contact? Carolyn Bernardin will get you in touch with the right LESA staff member.


Get involved with writing content for LESA

LESA Library contributor. Apply your expertise to authoring substantive legal information for the LESA Library in practice areas across the spectrum. The LESA Library is a definitive resource relied upon by lawyers across the province. Make your mark! If you are volunteering as a library or publication contributor, your contact is Christine Sanderman.

Blog contributor. See an interesting trend developing in case law? Concerned about practical application of new statute? Tell us. Tell your community. Feature on our blog as a guest contributor.  If you are writing a guest blog feature, your contact is Andrea Maltais.

Publications contributor. Our practice manuals and fundamentals series publications are comprehensive, authoritative resources turned to by countless lawyers across the province. Help us maintain the standard of excellence for these resources.